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Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is essential to your overall health and wellbeing. You have to follow proper dental hygiene habits if you want to hold on to a healthy set of pearly whites for life. Whether you are starting a new resolution to take better care of your teeth or you’re looking for healthy teeth tips to take your self-care to the next level, our dental office is here to help you achieve optimal oral hygiene in Woodbridge.

A Dental Hygiene Overview

Dental hygiene refers to a few small habits that you should practice to experience more decay-resistant teeth, fresher breath and a more confident, attractive smile. Daily brushing and flossing fend off excessive plaque buildup, which is the main culprit for cavities and gum problems. Dental cleanings and exams from a skilled professional are also important components of a proper dental hygiene routine.

Brushing Guidelines and Oral Hygiene Tips

To maximize plaque removal while brushing your teeth, keep the toothbrush at a 45-degree tilt while brushing. The bristles should be angled slightly toward your gum line. Move the brush in small, gentle circles on the front of the teeth. The sides of your teeth that are facing your tongue can be cleaned with side-to-side movements rather than circles. When you’re finished brushing, swish some water in your mouth to rinse out any remaining toothpaste and loosened plaque. If you feel any pain or see blood when you brush, talk about it with your dentist.

How to Have Healthy Teeth

If you’re getting back on track to paying attention to good oral hygiene, a great place to begin is with a visit to our dental office. We will conduct an oral health assessment and provide you with teeth hygiene tips for you to use at home and help you to understand the importance of dental hygiene. Also, your dentist may recommend the application of fluoride treatments or tooth sealants, depending on your dental health needs. Give us a call to find out more.

Oral Hygiene for Kids

If you want your kids to have healthy teeth, don’t forget to lead by example and make your own dental care and oral hygiene a priority. Your child can have their first dental visit by age one. That’s the time to get age-specific oral hygiene instructions from your dentist. You can also find out ways to make it fun for your child to take care of their dental health. Make an appointment with one of our dentists, and we’ll provide you with age-specific information about attending to your kid’s oral hygiene and health.

What Does a Good Dental Hygiene Habit Look Like?

You may be wondering why daily brushing and flossing is necessary. You need to remove plaque from your teeth every day because it is constantly accumulating on your teeth. If you keep up with it each day, you stop it from getting to the level where it starts to corrode your tooth’s enamel. Dental visits are required because a dentist can clean away plaque and tartar that you can’t get to at home. If you are committed to maintaining strong and beautiful teeth, give us a call. A healthy smile is within your reach.

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Patient Reviews
Dr. Polifko and Karen did a fantastic job with my dental work and were amazingly friendly.
We have been going to Dr. Polifko for 45 years. I just love him and Karen his assistant. They are very professional and personable. I highly recommend them.
Debbie R.
I recently had a filling done by Dr. Suah. It was my first filling and I was really nervous but the doctor made me feel very comfortable. A completely painless experience.
Rocco M.
Outstanding Dental work. Amazing new addition to the practice. Dr. Suah. Best dentists bar none. I would highly recommend.
Glenn R.
I love this office! Dr. Polifko makes coming to the dentist painless! Love my assistant Karen!!! They make coming to the dentist enjoyable!!
Carol A.
Dr. Suah is gentle and thorough. I went in for routine work & for Invisalign. I had a I wonderful experience from the minute I walked in until the moment I walked out. Specifically, I was blown […]
Dianna S.
Love this place, very friendly and professional. Dr. Polifko and Karen are great!
Wonderful Family dental care !!
Lisa M.
Dr Dvorak in particular is an excellent dentist. Our family has been taken care of by her practice for some years now and we are quite happy.
Eugene W.
It’s been great you get in quick and get out quick
I really miss Dr. Dvorak!! But, I really did enjoy meeting Dr. Suah. She is very pleasant and thorough and look forward to continuing my dental care with her. Her assistant Lisa is awesome!! […]
Christine W.
Called Monday morning to report a lost filling and they had it fixed by 11:00am next day. Dr. Polifko and Karen are a terrific team!!!
Aimee K.
Dr. Suah is wonderful. She listens to your concerns and works to find the best treatment for you. She explains your options thoroughly and during the procedure she tells you what’s she is doing […]
Harvey B.
Dr. Dvorak is simply the best dentist I’ve had in my life. As we came in and out of Woodbridge with our military moves, we immediately made our appointments here. Great friendly, very […]
This place is wonderful, the doctors and staff are all fantastic!
Bryan G.
Dr. Dvorak is the best! Any questions I have are always answered, and I always leave feeling confident that they fixed any problem I may have had. The office is very easy to locate, no trouble findi […]
Dr. Dvorak is amazing! Great care from a wonderful person.
Meagan R.
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