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If you are experiencing tooth pain or have missing teeth that are causing you embarrassment, Dental Associates of Northern Virginia – Potomac provides the comprehensive, effective dental care you need for yourself or your family. Our team is highly qualified and experienced in all aspects of the dental care field.

We can provide you with dental fillings, tooth bridge options and crowns for teeth that will help you look and feel your best every day. The dental professionals at our practice are available to help with expert advice and skilled services. We want to ensure the best outcomes for your entire family.

Why Would I Need a Tooth Filling?

For teeth that have cavities or that have issues with tooth decay, your dentist will first remove any decayed areas. A filling is then used to fill the hole left behind and to provide the best support for teeth that may be fragile because of these issues. Fillings can provide added structural integrity and improved durability for your natural teeth. Generally, for most of our patients, the tooth filling cost is not usually a major concern unless you choose gold or another precious metal for these procedures. Call our office for more information.

Why Would I Need Dental Crowns or Bridges?

Crowns may also be called dental caps because they fit over the entire tooth like a cap. A tooth crown is used to provide a hard shell for teeth that are fragile or delicate because of injuries or tooth decay. Our dental team will work with you to determine the best and most practical solutions for your needs.

Bridges are frameworks with one, two or more teeth attached. These dental appliances are used to fill in the gaps in your teeth with natural-looking artificial teeth. If you have experienced embarrassment in social or professional situations because of missing teeth, a bridge may be the most practical solution for your situation.

Which Dental Teams in Woodbridge Offer Tooth Fillings, Crowns and Bridges?

At Dental Associates of Northern Virginia – Potomac, we offer a full range of dental care options that include tooth fillings, tooth bridges and crowns that will help you feel better quickly, improve your appearance and protect your teeth from further damage. Our dental team has the experience and the knowledge needed to determine the right treatment plan for you and to provide you with proven solutions for minor and major dental issues.

How Much Will Fillings, Bridges and Crowns Cost?

If you are concerned about your dental bridge cost or the possible expense involved in obtaining a crown, our office can help with affordable services and practical help in budgeting for these procedures. We will work with you to keep your dental crown cost as low as possible. Our administrative team can bill your insurance for as much of your treatment fees as possible, which will often lower your out-of-pocket expenses to a manageable level. If you do not have dental insurance, please contact our office for more information about the possible payment options and dental discount plans available.

Which Types of Fillings Are Offered?

Our office can provide you with fillings in an array of materials, which include tooth-colored composite, silver amalgam, porcelain and gold. We will discuss the costs of these materials and the appearance they will produce before you decide on the right option for your needs.

Which Types of Crowns Are Offered?

Crowns are also available in a few different materials. Porcelain-over-metal crowns combine the natural look of your real teeth with a solid metal shell that will provide solid structural protection for your tooth during biting and chewing. Ceramic crowns are recommended for front and side teeth. Gold crowns offer a distinctive appearance that is usually reserved for back teeth.

Which Types of Tooth Bridged Are Offered?

Bridges are available in both cantilevered and traditional versions. If the teeth adjacent to the gap are solid and viable, we may apply crowns to ensure that they can stand up to the stress of supporting the bridge. Your bridge will then be permanently attached to these teeth to create the illusion that all your natural teeth are still in place.

How Is a Tooth Crown Applied?

Crowns are used to support delicate teeth. During your tooth crown procedure, we will shape and prepare your tooth for the application of your crown. We will generally take impressions of the tooth so that your permanent crown fits snugly over your reshaped tooth. A temporary crown will be fitted to the tooth until the permanent crown is ready. We will then apply it to your tooth, allowing you to feel more confident about biting and chewing now and in the future.

How Are Dental Bridges Usually Applied?

Your bridge will generally be attached to the teeth adjacent to the gap. In some cases, we will use a cantilever bridge to secure the appliance to just one side. Our team of dentists will explain all aspects of your procedure to you and will provide you with detailed information on the costs and the benefits of your bridge.

If you need dental care you can depend on, call Dental Associates of Northern Virginia – Potomac today at (703) 595-2887 to schedule your appointment with us. We are here to meet all of your dental care needs.

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